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Western culture makes a point of promoting the capitalistic notion that sex is a transactional tool. You can buy it. It is used to sell all kinds of products from teeth-whiteners to milk. You pay and you get. Pretty shallow-minded, but effective.

Cassie & Nicki Minaj Give SEXED UP Sneek Peek Into "The Boys" Video
So it stands to reason that, as it's always been, sex will be a factor in some female (or male) music artists' careers.

The King of Pop..Michael Jackson..the famous crotch grab
Chris Brown...Crotch Grab
 In fact, the odds are markedly better for the would-be recording artist if looks and sex appeal are an obvious attribute after all image is everything in the music industry

Screen Shot of Rihana from video "All of the lights"
Should these artists be deliberately compelled to provide sexual favors in order to be considered? That would certainly be inconsistent with corporate standards – not to mention, contemptible behavior.

Sexy Manly Usher Raymond!
 And if this is the trend in any industry today it may not be the best time to succumb to that motivation because it doesn't always produce the best results. And the music industry apparently needs results, albums have to be sold ,endorsements and appearance fees are all part of the expected result.

Trey Sexy Songz
Decision-making is not always a fully objective process no matter  the business and it will often be swayed by personal considerations, including arbitrary things like sexual favors - or, for that matter, just being in the company of attractive people.
hmmmmn! yummy Trey
In the case of socially accepted attitudes toward sex in the business world, there is a degree of temperament in favor of pragmatic objectivity - or just not getting sued.

Screen Shot from Usher's video for the song "SCREAM"
The entertainment industry day-to-day dealings in particular are compromised by the lax "rules of engagement" that permeate a so-called artistic industry. There's a lot of glamour and well, entertainment activity not to mention flighty, desperate young adults ready to give it up for a break. Who really has the "break" in their pocket and who doesn't is secondary to being "included" - and thus, being seen. Sexy, beautiful people are nice to be seen with and very sellable.

The Legendary Aretha Franklin
Getting in the music business has never been about submitting a tape and getting signed on that merit alone – although that probably has happened in the past.

Rihana's new album art work!
  A record label of today signs an artist with an understanding that there are multiple products to be developed that revolve around the artist's image, style, look, outspokenness, etc. - all notwithstanding the artist's musical contribution.

Screen Shot from the video of the song " SOUND TRACK "
To generate the scale of product sales needed to provision the promotion and marketing "machine" the record label must make use of every possible avenue to increase reach.  

Talk shows, entertainment news, fashion venues all cater to a demanding public and answer to demanding sponsors. Sexy, attractive artists fit the profile for these venues and supply what the general public wants to see. If record labels did not use sex as a promotional sell they would be out their minds!

Screen Shot from The video of My Lady by Flavor
Record labels also make revenue off of merchandising popular artists' images. Fees are collected when an artist is displayed on the cover of a popular magazine, in a movie or music video.

Screen shot from The video of the song Birthday by 2 Chainz featuring Kanye West..B
2 Chainz wah o
 Exposure and consumer awareness is a key factor that allows labels to up the asking price for personal endorsements, appearances, features in soundtrack albums, etc.

Tiwa Sexy Savage
The person who makes the decision to invest capital in the development of a talent must be able to ensure this type of return on investment. The artist image must be as marketable an item as their music is if the label is going to see sufficient product sales and the additional revenue from retailing the artist's image. Oh .. and BTW... Sex Sells.

Back to the question, I think. If sexy-ness is what everyone is looking for and it is standing there in your office - wanting to be noticed... well... this is not "The Others." It doesn't have a twist ending. Some careers are going to be decided on how sexy a person appears to be - (and I add..) to the beholder.
Screen Shot from Wande Coal's " GO LOW"
This only works as long as the target consumer market has the same interests as the beholder. But standards for the "commercial image" are pretty well defined.

Nicki Minaj
The Music Industry would like to promote the idea that they are mainly about music. But the fact is, as an industry, they are getting further and further away from it. CD sales do drive the industry's revenue model but the myriad of requirements around the central artist's profile has compromised that core value. Not everyone who is musically talented and has something significant to offer is going to be a sexy and attractive model-type that can grace the cover of a high-visibility magazine.

Screen Shot from the Video of  BUM BUM by Timaya
 For the unfortunate "talent-only" artist there are few options to hit it the big time but some do make it. If all else fails and an artiste trys sleeping with a music industry executive ,oh well! he/she will have themselves  to blame and mourn their career when someone else fresher than them offers him/her the MAIN THING!. .... "GASPING FOR AIR"


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